Why wheelchairs are great

There seems to be a misconception that everyone that uses a wheelchair, whether full time or part time, must be miserable because they can’t walk everywhere they go. And while there are definitely disadvantages to life on wheels I’m pretty sure I can say that most people are very glad to have their wheelchair.


A happy change

Over the past couple of months something has changed, for once I actually feel content and even calm? What?! That doesn’t happen usually. It’s nice, my brain has a habit of causing me to feel a lot worse when I don’t stick to my routine or overthink. For a long, long time my mental health has got in the way of my physical recovery. It’s not something I find easy to talk about properly but essentially a lot of my flare ups have been caused by my bad brain.

Six years

Wednesday the 7th of March 2012. The day I became ill with myalgic encephalomyelitis was six years ago today. I remember that day so vividly. I remember gradually feeling worse and worse throughout the day and then just crashing on the sofa, I had a headache and I was absolutely shattered, that feeling has never gone away.

dealing with disappointment

Life with chronic illness can be extremely disappointing. I’ve recently had to deal with leaving sixth form and realising that my plans for my education are going to have to change. A lot. Every day I have little things I’m unable to do or cope with, which isn’t easy. Every time I have to lie down before I faint or collapse, every time I can’t leave my bed or look after myself properly, it’s like being hit in the stomach over and over again.